All rentals only concern the selected establishment; they cannot be transferred to another establishment offered by RESASOL. All rentals are in your name and may not, in any case, be transferred or sub-let. The rental will not be effective until you have signed the contract, including payment of a deposit of 25% of the total amount which will be deducted from your holiday bill and €40 non-reimbursable administrative fee (for stays between 30/6/2015 and 01/09/2015), all to be sent to our office within a week maximum, the balance being due in full on 1st June 2015 (for all rentals after 1st June 2015 the total amount is due on signing of the contract). Non-payment of the balance by the agreed date will result, by right, in cancelation of the contract without prior warning.

The rental does not become effective until approved by us. On reception of the contract and payment, a receipt will be sent to you. It must be presented on your arrival at the reception of the reserved establishment; the number of the rental is given only as an example without guarantee unless you have subscribed to the guaranteed choice of rental option at the time of reservation. From 22/6/2015 to 31/8/2015, reservations are for a period of 7 nights minimum, 10 or 11 nights (arrivals and departures on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays). During these periods, reservations can be made for weekends (2 nights minimum) or by the night only with our written approval. The cost of the stay will be calculated according to the dates given on the rental contract: No reduction will be given for an early departure or a late arrival.


In the case where your arrival will be delayed or you must cancel your stay, please advise us as soon as possible and in writing (telephone messages are not acceptable). If no information is provided to us, the rental will become available from 12 noon the next day for re-letting to another customer and the entire payment for the services remains due as damages and interest. In the case of a cancellation, you will still be charged or be responsible for: a) The administrative and insurance fees . b) As a penalty for breaking the contract: an amount equal to 25% of the entire cost of the stay, if you cancel before the 1st of June 2015 and an amount equal to the entire cost of the stay if you cancel after the 1st of June 2015 or if you do not arrive at the expected date.


Optional cancellation insurance is offered in your rental contract. The terms and conditions appear on our web site.


On arrival, rentals are available from 4pm and up to 8pm maximum. The rental must be vacated on the day of departure no later than 10am. Pitches must be vacated before 12 noon. After this time, an extra day will be charged. All campers and renters are required to comply with the provisions of the internal regulations for each establishment. DEPOSITS: For rentals of mobile homes, cottages, bungalows, chalets or apartments, a deposit of €200 is required on arrival to cover any possible damages to the rental, as well as a supplementary deposit of €95 to cover any possible cleaning charges at the end of the rental. No later than the evening before, you must make an appointment for the departure inventory. The rental must be returned in a normal state of cleanliness. If it is not, the deposit of €95 will be retained. Any object broken, lost or damaged during the stay will be billed for. In the case of departure outside normal working hours and if the rental is returned in good condition, the deposit will be sent by post as soon as is possible.


Animals must OBLIGATORILY be kept on a lead, wear a collar, be tattooed, be vaccinated, posses a vaccination record and be declared at reception. Access of dogs in the 1st category (attack dogs) to the establishments IS FORBIDDEN (Ministerial order of 30/06/1992, 22/01/1985, 06/01/1999). Please make sure that their needs are satisfied outside the establishment. IMAGE COPYRIGHT: During your stay, you may be photographed or filmed on our site. We may possibly use these photographs or films for commercial or advertising purposes unless you indicate your opposition in writing at reception on arrival.


Wearing of the campsite bracelet is obligatory.


Any possible claim concerning the non-conformity of the services with regard to the contractual commitments must be indicated in writing (registered letter with return receipt) to the manager of the establishment concerned or to RESASOL within 30 days of the end of the stay. In the event of dispute, only the commercial court of DAX shall have jurisdiction.

4-month pitch and rental packages specific to Nature & Loisirs (from 28/3/2015 to 27/6/2015 and from 05/09/2015 to 27/9/2015): no reimbursement will be made if the renter does not use all of the period offered in this package. This offer is exclusively reserved for pleasure holidays and in no case for stays of a professional nature and may not be combined with the rental of facilities for a function. Payment: 50% at reservation, 50% before 01/05/15. For safety reasons, during periods of absence, electrical equipment must be unplugged, the gas shut off and the storage of perishable or dangerous products is forbidden. Pitches: during the duration of the contract, no change of pitch can be made and it is forbidden to modify the installed equipment (tent, caravan, camper). Rentals: an inventory will be conducted once a month. The renter agrees to allow maintenance personnel or a specialised company to enter the premises even if they are not present. Only the holiday tax (0.61cts/jday/person over 13) will only be due from 01/06 to 27/06 and from 05/09 to 27/09 depending on occupation.


The camping signed to SART ASSURANCES a contract
covering you against consequences of cancellation or interruption of your stay.
BEFORE YOUR DEPARTURE, in the following instances: serious illness or serious accident or death to: yourself or your wife/ husband (official cohabitant), or one of your relations in direct ascending or descending line, son-in-law, or daughter-in-law; considerable material damage to your property requiring your presence; economical redundancy; accident or theft of your vehicle and/or caravan occurring on the (direct) journey to the place you are staying at; cancellation or change of dates of leave by the employer.
YOU WILL BE REIMBURSED : 25 % of the hiring fees in the case
of an event occurring between the date of reservation and the 30th day before the scheduled date from which the reservation runs; 100 % of the hiring fees in the case of an event occurring less than 30 days before this date.
DURING YOUR STAY, should one of the aforementioned incidents occur obliging you to shorten your stay, YOU WILL BE REIMBURSED for the sum corresponding to the part of your visit non-effected and which has already been invoiced by the campsite.
EXCLUDED FROM THE GUARANTEE: damage arising from wars with foreign countries, civil wars, strikes, nuclear or radioactive effects; damage caused intentionally by the insured person; suicide or attempted suicide by the insured per- son; accident, illness or death: occurring before the date the guarantee comes into force or subsequent to a chronic state of health; depression leading to hospitalisation of less than 3 days.
• Notify the management of the campsite without fail as soon as you know of an incident which will prevent your departure and in all cases within 24 hours of the said incident.
• Notify the insurer within 48 hours and provide all the necessary information and documents, in particular: a medical certificate specifying the nature, origin and the seriousness of the acci- dent or illness, a copy of the detailed account from your social security offices, a death certificate, or all documents proving the incident.
All these documents should be forwarded to your insurer :
CABINET SART – BP 80063 – 33164 LA TESTE Cedex – Tel. 05 56 54 32 17 – Fax 05 56 54 60 70 – E-mail : annulresa@sart-assu-
This document is provided for information purposes only. A copy of the general terms covering this policy is available at the offices of the insurance company.